The Case Managers Cruise was inspired by members of our Case Managers Community on our Facebook Group. They noticed that there were continuing education cruises for other health care professionals but not for Case Managers. We decided to answer that call and created the 1st Annual Case Managers Cruise in April of 2018. Now we bring you the 3rd Annual Case Managers Cruise.


Case Management Institute started as a website and a book to help other case managers studying for the CCM exam which quickly grew. Having no business or technical background I brought on a partner, Abi Carmen, who had experience in these areas and from that partnership, Veritas Web Solutions came under the Case Management Institute umbrella. Next, we started a publishing company Blue Bayou Press, where along with publishing, we are able to coach other nurses through the writing of professional books. As a way to further assist our case managers we along with Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN created an online course The Online Case Management Certification Review Course and built the Case Managers Community.

While building the Case Management Institute business we purposely kept it location independent. Both Abi and I have children and family scattered across the country. It was important that we be able to work from anywhere. And since we are able to work from anywhere, in September of 2016 we picked up and moved to Puerto Aventuras, Mexico! This has afforded us the ability to live on the beautiful Caribbean Sea, learn a new language, and live in a culture where everyone is happy and relaxed.


Deanna Gillingham RN, CCM

Deanna Gillingham RN, CCM

Founder, CEO - Case Management Institute

Abi Carmen

Abi Carmen

Sr. VP Operations - Case Management Institute


Well, what can I say but that I’m looking forward to next year already! Everything was wonderful from amazing presenters to the opportunity to network with wonderful case managers from all across the US! Special thanks to Deanna and Abi for coordinating such a memorable event! 🛳🏝🌊 -Amy Pleasant-Lindsey

Case Managers Cruise. Always great to gain knowledge while enjoying food, fun, and sun while meeting and networking with other Professionals, family, and friends. - Addie & David Marchant

It was a wonderful week, filled with rewarding Case Management education brought to us by terrific Case Management luminaries ( Ellen Fink-Samnick, Ron Hirsch, Mindy Owen, Martha Presley-Turner, & me - thrilled to be in such company) and expertly organized by Deanna Cooper Gillingham and Abi Carmen. I am already looking forward to next year! -Eric Bergman

Thanks to Deanna Cooper Gillinghamm, Abi Carmen and the entire Faculty who provided an interesting learning experience for all who attended. Looking forward to the 2019 cruise! - Anne Llewellyn



Wow I had the most relaxing, Fun, educational, and met new friends. Case Manager Cruise was the bomb. Going next year for sure. -Tracy Cook Pizzi

A big thank you to you and Abi for creating the CM Cruise! I had a fabulous time and have connected with many people already on Facebook. It was a great conference and agree the attendees and speakers were wonderful. I do plan on going next year. - Julie Wolf